Kylie Donia

I am a product engineer for field operations, with a focus on documentation and best practices. Out of the office I can be found running... and then running some more (often on a trail or with a child).

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Make an offline map with ArcGIS Pro 2.1

Make an offline map for Explorer for ArcGIS.

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Configure your first dashboard

In 5 steps, configure a dashboard that shows incident reports around Redlands, CA.

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Try some dashboards

With the December 6th update to ArcGIS Online, the completely new, web-centric experience for Operations Dashboard is out of beta and released!

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5 things to try in Collector’s Aurora beta

Collector's Aurora beta brings better-looking maps, an improved UI, and quick camera access. Try it for yourself.

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Inspecting with Collector

See how you can complete an inspection in Collector. Then learn how the data was set up and how the map was made.

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The blue dot: Workforce and mobile worker location

Understand how Workforce represents and uses mobile worker location.

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Save typing and reduce errors when collecting similar things

Use "Continuous collect" in Collector to populate a new feature with the attributes and/or location from a previously collected feature.

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5 Minutes to Your First Collector Map

Use templates to create your own data with Collector.

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Debris Reporting with Collector for ArcGIS

During an emergency event, deploying field solutions that aid response and recovery efforts is mission critical and extremely time sensitive.

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