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Find your assets with point-to-point navigation in Collector’s Aurora beta

Working in the field, you might be near your asset but not right at it. In Collector’s Aurora Beta you can use the compass to get right to where you need to be. The map orients itself the direction you are facing and a guideline shows the direction to the asset.

I recently used it to find a fire hydrant. Once I was close and looked around, the compass told me exactly which way to face to see it. In this case the hydrant was visible, but if it was obstructed I still would have found it.

Finding a hydrant

Try it out:

  1. Tap an asset on the map that you want to find.
  2. Tap Overflow  on the toolbar below the asset’s details.
  3. Tap Compass .
  4. Follow the guideline to the asset you were looking for.


If you are not close to your asset and need to navigate streets to get there, use Directions  (also available in the asset’s overflow) before you use the compass. With this beta you can pick which navigation app you want to use for directions: Apple Maps, Google Maps, Navigator for ArcGIS – use the one that works for you.

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Kylie strives to bring GIS to K-12 classrooms. A long-time Esri employee, she previously worked on Esri's field operations, focused on documentation and best practices. She is an avid runner often found on the trails or chasing her children.


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