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Introducing Live Share in ArcGIS for Teams

ArcGIS for Teams Live Share is a collaboration tool to help your team share publicly available ArcGIS spatial content. Use Live Share to engage with maps and data in real time during Microsoft Teams meetings.

Live Share is a lot like the Microsoft Teams meeting option Share content: participants in a meeting can see the presenter’s screen. However, a key difference is that participants can interact with shared content independently from the presenter.

Live Share is designed for real-time collaboration

Participants can interact with a comprehensive library of publicly available ArcGIS Online location data, change presenters, and explore shared content independently.

One participant at a time is the presenter, but all participants can explore shared spatial data on their own. Synchronize back to the presenter only when you are ready.

ArcGIS for Teams Live Share

Once the presenter shares content, participants are free to explore it independently. For example, zoom and pan a shared map, explore the data in a spreadsheet, or click a layer’s properties.

To return to the presenter’s viewpoint, click Live – Sync to presenter at the bottom of the screen.

ArcGIS for Teams - Live Sync to presenter

Stop presenting at any time and allow another participant to take control of the Live Share. Just click Stop control at the bottom of the meeting pane.

Click Take control to become the new presenter.

Live Share - Stop control and Take control buttons

Live Share is a simple but powerful way to share your public ArcGIS Online content through Teams.

More to come

The February 2024 release is the first introduction of Live Share in ArcGIS for Teams. We have many more updates planned for both Live Share and ArcGIS for Teams in 2024 and beyond!

To learn more, give us feedback, and find the latest product information, please join our ArcGIS for Teams Esri Community.

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