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Coming soon - new ways to collaborate and engage your community with ArcGIS Hub

2023 has been a busy year for our team so far! We are hard at work building tools and capabilities that are sure to enhance your current experience of planning, building, scaling and managing Hub- both with content and collaborators. These soon-to-be released features have been highly requested by our customers – and we are beyond excited to bring them to you!

Read on to get a sneak peek into what’s coming soon in Hub! 


Projects in Hub will be easy to configure, out-of-the-box items, that will help you organize your efforts, track and measure progress around short term goals or initiatives. Projects will provide a new and improved way for you to build collaboration bridges with your stakeholders (internal or external) and enable you with gateways to provide privileges to stand up, run and maintain parts of Hub while keeping your core team undisturbed. Be it a new volunteer project to plant trees in your neighborhood or a DOT project to track progress on repairs to a road– Hub premium customers can now launch a project within minutes and configure it to enable stakeholder collaboration and community engagement.  

Additionally, Hub projects can be used to represent a hierarchy in your Hub ecosystem. If you have a broader initiative, you are working on for example: ‘Making your community safer for cyclists’, you can use Hub projects to launch small scale localized projects to communicate your cause, encourage participation, track metrics (progress towards your set goals) and roll it up to your broader goals and initiatives.  

Projects will be available in the beta version for Hub Premium customers to start exploring by first week of June, 2023.

In the meantime, if you are curious to learn more about projects and ways to incorporate them in your existing workflows, reach out to us through this survey.  

Idea boards  

Idea boards in Hub will be easy to configure and maintain items, that will help you gather comments, feedback, or ideas on one or more pre-defined topics from your community. 

Idea boards will expand on the current available discussions capability in Hub to facilitate two-way communication between you and your community while providing a secure space for community members to see, promote and contribute to each other’s thoughts or ideas.  

Whether you are interested in collecting ideas for beautifying your neighborhood or wanting to open a two-way dialogue with your community to enhance your outreach efforts, you can spin up and configure an idea board tailored to your goals within minutes! 

Idea Boards will be available in two formats – Grid and Map based. No matter which form factor you choose (we encourage exploring both!), the interaction experience for your community members will remain the same – intuitive and seamless. With a map centric idea board, you can specify the geographic extent (zip code, city, park) of focus and define the ‘topics’ for idea collection.  

Idea boards will be equipped with moderation tools to enable psychological safety and ensure conversations are constructive and inclusive. 

Idea boards will be available to explore in the product in fall of 2023.

What’s next?

This is just the first step in what we know is a long journey ahead of us, as we continue to enable our customers with tools to establish deep collaboration and sustained engagement with their communities. To stay up to date on the latest additions in the product, visit Hub Changelog 

While we are enthused to work on these features, what we need the most from our customers is their valuable feedback and input! Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about these and additional features we are working on, through this survey

About the author

Harshitha Dondapati

Harshitha Dondapati is a Product Manager on the ArcGIS Hub team at ESRI. She focuses primarily on Hub's premium offering, driving the Product Roadmap for Hub's engagement and collaboration features along with building resources for Product Evangelism and Competitive Research. Harshitha is passionate about connecting with customers to gather feedback and works collaboratively to understand their engagement needs to develop customized impactful solutions.

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