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Unified Search Brings All Your ArcGIS Hub Content Together

At the start of the year, the ArcGIS Hub team released a redesigned search experience to help the public more easily discover open data and draw connections to the places around them. Now, we’re expanding this experience with Unified Search, making it easier for your teams and people across your ArcGIS Online organization to access internal content.

What is Unified Search?

Unified Search brings content shared publicly and content shared internally into the same view when searching across ArcGIS Hub. This means that team members and internal stakeholders can access all content, including items shared privately, in a single list of search results.

We did this because ArcGIS Hub is more than a way to share open data. With the following sharing options, you’ll see visibility for each search result under Sharing along with other search filters.

Sharing options
Sign in to view new options to filter your search results by audience.

How it works

Consider a local government organization that uses ArcGIS Hub to create initiatives across departments. Some teams choose to launch public initiatives, while others use them to organize content around internal projects and tasks. With unified search, team members are able to quickly access internal content in the same place they use to find public-facing content.

Think of the content you share with ArcGIS Hub as belonging to a catalog. Previously, any content that wasn’t shared as open data was organized behind the scenes in its own catalog. While our search experience surfaced content from both catalogs, accessing internal content required a user to sign in under the Restricted section on the search results page. Now, so long as you’re signed in, any content that’s shared with you will appear blended with the rest of your hub’s content.

A closer look

To make your experience simple and fast, we’ve included a few additional enhancements:

Each search result displays its sharing setting, enabling people to quickly scan content based on who has access to it (i.e. the team, organization, or the public). This is useful for admins and team members who want to quickly see what content belongs to an initiative or site.

Search result
Search results now highlight to whom the item is shared.

Keep your search going by clicking More Results to view items as you need them. Then, look for the new page divider to find out how far your search has taken you.



Load more button
No need to flip between pages of search results anymore. Simply click Load More to keep your search going.

When you’ve found something you want to check out, click the search result to view it’s preview page. Not interested? Click back. We’ll take you to the spot you left, no need to scroll through the results again.

Try it out

Unified Search will officially be released for everyone in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, we wanted to give you a chance to try it out. Follow these steps to preview Unified Search on your content.

  1. Sign in to your hub and view one of your sites.
  2. Add this string to the end of that site’s URL: /search?features={"unifiedSearch":true}
    The URL should look like this:{"unifiedSearch":true}

If your organization isn’t sharing any internal content yet, you can get started by enabling private views for any of your sites.

Let us know what you think on GeoNet. If you’re interested in learning more about upcoming features and how you can help us test things out, visit the  Hub User Lab  for more information.

About the author

Katie is a documentation writer working on ArcGIS Hub and Enterprise Sites in the R&D Center in Washington, D.C.

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