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Pop-ups: tips for adding photos and images

This post was originally published on April 26, 2012, and has been updated. The last previous update was May 10, 2022.

Photos or other images in ArcGIS Online web map pop-ups can add both interest and interesting information. You can add a single photo or add multiple photos which you can display stacked vertically or as a media group navigated horizontally.


Use image elements

To configure layer pop-ups, select the layer in the Layer pane in the Contents (dark) toolbar. Next, click Pop-ups from the Settings (light) toolbar. Ensure that Enable pop-ups is toggled on.

Open pop-ups pane

Click Add content to display a list of pop-up elements and to choose the image element.

Add image element
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Add images (PNG, JPEG, or GIF format) by entering a URL or obtaining the URL from the contents of a field. Image elements can be configured with a title, caption, links to related websites or larger images, and alternative text.

The settings shown below are from the Montgomery Botanical Center example. Experiment with caption and titles to achieve the desired result.

Configure image

Multiple image elements (or images and chart elements) can be be placed in a media group. Media groups are created when you add content to an existing image or chart element. The group provides horizontal access to multiple images rather than stacking image elements.

Media group

Pop-ups can also be docked, which makes a significant difference when viewing images. Shown below is a pop-up from the Montgomery Botanical Gardens example, docked on the left and undocked on the right.

Docked vs. undocked pop-ups
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Additional tips

Here’s other tips and considerations for getting the best results using photos and images in pop-ups.


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