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Map Hurricane Storm Surges: a GIS recipe

This post is a short recipe for a longer lesson that you can complete on the Learn ArcGIS website. You’re in the right place if you:

Full lesson: Map Hurricane Storm Surges. If you are unclear about anything in this recipe, consult the lesson.


1. ArcGIS Pro, with either the Spatial Analyst or Image Analyst extensions

2. Elevation raster data.


1. Zoom to your area of interest.

2. Export a new raster layer from the Terrain layer that only covers your area of interest.

Export Raster pane

3. Remove the original Terrain layer from the map.

4. Use the Con tool with your new Terrain.tif layer to assign a value of 1 to low lying areas and a value of 0 to high ground.

The Con tool in the Geoprocessing pane

5. Symbolize the new raster so values of 0 have no color and values of 1 have a transparent color.

6. Compare the new layer to a basemap to explore which areas are at risk from storm surges.

Map with storm surge in blue

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