Heather Smith

Heather is a cartographer and artist. She creates resources for the tutorial gallery.

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Printing maps, the (really) old-fashioned way

How I used ArcGIS Pro to help me design a woodcut print.

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Configure a choropleth map

Tips and techniques for designing maps with the Counts and Amounts (color) style in ArcGIS Map Viewer.

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Tidy legends

To improve a map's legend, often all that’s needed is a bit of tidying: renaming, reordering, and removing items.

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Visual hierarchy for maps

Three short videos that explain visual hierarchy through examples in ArcGIS Online.

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Cartographic conventions

What are cartographic conventions and do you need to follow them?

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Find the right projection with filters in ArcGIS Pro

Learn how to filter coordinate systems based on a spatial extent, GCS, or projection property.

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Polish before you publish: 10 tips for tidying web maps

Before you share a web map, take a few minutes to confirm that it’s ready to share.

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A guide to ArcGIS Pro project packages (.ppkx files)

Why and how to make a project package. How to update a .ppkx file, reduce its file size, or undo changes.

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Bathymetric Blending

A tutorial for symbolizing ocean bathymetry data with blend modes.

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