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Present Slides with Dynamic Maps and Scenes Anywhere, Anytime, Even Offline with the ArcGIS StoryMaps Briefings App

Greetings ArcGIS StoryMaps Enthusiasts, 

We’re thrilled to share that you can now present slides with dynamic maps and 3D scenes offline using the ArcGIS StoryMaps Briefings app. Discover the power and convenience of offline presentations and share key information with stakeholders without being limited by an internet connection, such as in a remote location, during emergencies, or while traveling. With the complementary Briefings app, available for iOS and Android tablets and Windows computers and tablets, you can take your briefings on the go and present them anywhere, anytime, even offline. 



Crafting Your Story, One Slide at a Time

ArcGIS StoryMaps has been updated, and you can now build elegant and interactive slide-based presentations called briefings. With no design or coding knowledge, you can create slides with dynamic maps, 3D scenes, embedded content, and more using briefings in ArcGIS StoryMaps. Provide meaningful context to your audience by infusing your presentations with interactive maps and data. Learn more about briefings in this blog article.   

Briefings is now available in ArcGIS Online. If you have ArcGIS Enterprise 11.2, you can access briefings in beta if your organization’s administrator has enabled beta features. Briefings comes to ArcGIS Enterprise 11.3 in May 2024.  


Explore a Sample Briefing

View a briefing created by the ArcGIS StoryMaps team. Use the arrows and table of contents in the top left of the briefing below to navigate through these example slides.


Your Briefings, Anytime, Anywhere

We’ve crafted two distinct experiences for briefings in ArcGIS StoryMaps to help you present important information when and where you need it most: 

  1. Create briefings in your browser using the intuitive ArcGIS StoryMaps builder. You and your audience can also view, share, and present your slides from a link on screens of all sizes. 
  2. Download briefings to the ArcGIS StoryMaps Briefings app and access and share slides with interactive maps and 3D scenes on the go without an internet connection. 


Benefits of the ArcGIS StoryMaps Briefings App

Having the right tool for your organization’s briefings is critical to keeping your stakeholders up-to-date wherever they are. By downloading your briefings to the new Briefings app, you can share information, no matter your location, even offline. 


Download the ArcGIS StoryMaps Briefings App 

Access the ArcGIS StoryMaps Briefings app on your Android or iOS tablet or Windows tablet and computer by downloading it from the respective app store for your device and logging into your ArcGIS organization. The app conveniently supports various authentication types, including OAuth and SAML, for enhanced user accessibility.  

Download the briefings tablet app on the Apple App Store
Download the Briefings app on your iPad
Download the briefings tablet app on the Google Play Store
Download the Briefings app on your Android tablet
Get the ArcGIS StoryMaps Briefings app from the Microsoft Store
Download the Briefings app on your Windows tablet or computer

Get Started

Get ready to tell your story like never before. Use briefings for your next presentation and demonstrate the power of location-specific connections with slides that put your dynamic maps and data front and center and can even be shared offline. If you have issues or suggestions, please share your feedback through the in-app feedback form or in the Esri Community.  



This is Only the Beginning 

We plan to release additional features to enhance your experience with the ArcGIS StoryMaps Briefings app. Get product updates directly in your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter and explore updates to briefings in our What’s New in the ArcGIS StoryMaps Briefings app blog.


Please Note

This blog article was originally published on September 26, 2023, when the ArcGIS StoryMaps Briefings app was released in beta and was updated on February 8, 2024, for the general availability release of the app 

About the authors

Virginia is a Sr Product Engineer on the StoryMaps team at Esri, most recently leading the effort on the new ArcGIS StoryMaps briefings. Her passions are her labradors, GIS applications, process improvement, & creating products that delight users. Go Red Sox!


Aditya is a Product Engineer on ArcGIS AppStudio team and currently working on the new ArcGIS StoryMaps Briefings Tablet App at Esri in Redlands, CA. She is a proactive GIS enthusiast and is passionate about learning technology that encourages productive collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Leah is a Product Marketing Manager for ArcGIS Online, Esri's primary software as a service for mapping and analysis. She loves connecting customers with innovative workflows and is passionate about technology that encourages productive collaboration and information sharing.

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