Accessibility Sessions and Presentations at Esri User Conference 2022

Planning to attend the 2022 Esri User Conference?

This year, the Esri User Conference is back in-person in San Diego, California and there are more than 500 sessions, demos, and stories for you to learn about all the excellent work that our users are creating. One of the newest tracks to appear at UC 2022 is the Accessibility track, which includes 6 sessions discussing the topic of digital accessibility for ArcGIS.  

In these sessions, attendees will learn about the latest features to support accessibility in Esri products such as ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS StoryMaps. The sessions will include information about digital accessibility, information on implementing accessibility features, and recommendations to improving accessibility in your published content. 


Visit the Accessibility team at our booth with the Globalization group, near ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Apps in the Showcase area. Meet our experts, demo accessibility features of ArcGIS products, and learn more about digital accessibility.

Esri 2022 User Conference Accessibility Booth Location
Esri 2022 User Conference Accessibility Booth Location

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Accessibility: An Overview

Welcome to this introductory workshop for accessibility (a11y) essentials and testing best practices. Learn about Esri’s approach to digital accessibility, review current accessibility standards (e.g. Section 508, WCAG), and explore available accessibility resources. Get started with accessibility testing principles and best practices, as well as an introduction to commonly used assistive technologies such as screen readers. Learn to understand accessibility requirements and conduct accessibility testing with representatives from the Esri Accessibility and ArcGIS StoryMaps teams. 

Presenters: Jessica McCall,  Karl Frantz,  Liz Todd 


ArcGIS Online: Best Practices for Web App Accessibility

Web Applications provide a user experience for your audience to interact with your data and maps. Designing Apps with accessibility best practices ensures all audiences can easily interact with and understand your information. Come to this session to learn how to optimize support for screen readers, keyboard navigation, and other assistive technologies across ArcGIS Online. In this session, you will learn about testing accessibility in web apps. You will also be introduced to tools and techniques that ensure you are developing an inclusive app experience. 

Presenters: Krista McPherson, Kelly Hutchins, William Hackney 


Accessibility in ArcGIS StoryMaps

Join Esri representatives from the Accessibility and ArcGIS StoryMaps teams in an exploration and demonstration of accessibility (a11y) features found in ArcGIS StoryMaps. Learn about web accessibility best practices (including color contrast, accommodating colorblindness, keyboard navigation, and typography tips) while reviewing ArcGIS StoryMaps accessibility functionality. 

Presenters: Liz Todd, Jessica McCall, Karl Frantz


Accessibility and ArcGIS

Welcome to this exploratory workshop highlighting accessibility (a11y) advancements in ArcGIS web, desktop, and mobile software. Learn about Esri’s approach to accessibility in ArcGIS Products, how current accessibility standards (e.g. Section 508, WCAG) are incorporated into development, and available accessibility resources. Explore updated and existing accessibility features in ArcGIS software, and examine topics for planned enhancements. Join us to review digital accessibility features and functionality with representatives from the Esri Accessibility, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Pro teams. 

Presenters: Colleen Peoples, Richard Caballero, Karl Frantz,  Jessica McCall


Accessibility in ArcGIS Online

Join Esri representatives from the Accessibility and ArcGIS Online teams in an exploration and demonstration of accessibility (a11y) features found in ArcGIS Online. Examine how users of assistive technology are impacted by accessibility enhancements, and learn about web accessibility best practices while reviewing ArcGIS Online accessibility functionality, 

Presenters: Heath Meyette,  Jessica McCall, Karl Frantz


Accessibility Special Interest Group: Digital Accessibility in Mapping and ArcGIS

Join a conversation about the current state of digital accessibility, and accessibility innovations in mapping with ArcGIS products. In this discussion with Esri staff and product engineers, learn about additional perspectives from accessibility testing and mapping professionals, and users of assistive technology with ArcGIS software. We look forward to this discussion and opportunity to learn more about your accessibility needs and goals. 

Presenters: Jessica McCall, Karl Frantz


At Esri, we are committed to creating accessible products and services compatible with the latest assistive technology. Our culture promotes a responsibility to uphold our values toward inclusivity, diversity, and equality in access for all our products and we believe there should be no barriers to what users can achieve with our software. We encourage our users, customers, partners, and distributors to register for the Esri User Conference and learn more about how Esri is working to make accessible technology.


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About the author

Karl Frantz is the Accessibility Lead in Software Products Release, and has been with Esri since 2016. He focuses on enhancing accessibility standards across ArcGIS software and products, and establishing accessibility best practices and resources for customers and stakeholders. In his free time Karl enjoys playing strategy tabletop and board games, reading science fiction and fantasy, and vegetarian/vegan cooking.


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