What's New in Oriented Imagery (March 2023)

The March 2023 release of Oriented Imagery features a new Oriented Imagery Explorer app, as well as quality improvements for the Oriented Imagery Management Tools and Oriented Imagery viewer. We’re also working on integrating Oriented Imagery into ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online!

Screenshot of the Oriented Imagery Explorer web app showing a 3D scene on the left and a corresponding image on the right.

New Oriented Imagery Explorer app

Check out the Oriented Imagery Explorer web app (replacing the 2D and 3D Oriented Imagery Sample Apps). Use the app to quickly explore and share oriented imagery catalogs.

The Oriented Imagery Explorer has a slick new look and upgraded functionality, including:

Check out the Oriented Imagery Sample Apps gallery to see examples of web apps created using both the Oriented Imagery Explorer app and the Oriented Imagery Experience Builder widget.

Additional quality improvements

We’ve made some updates in the Oriented Imagery viewer (accessible using the ArcGIS Pro add-in, the Oriented Imagery Explorer app, and the Experience Builder widget) and in the Oriented Imagery Management Tools. Download the latest versions of the ArcGIS Pro add-in and the Management Tools to take advantage of the changes.

In the Management tools:

We’ve also made some changes to the Oriented Imagery API that will affect the Oriented Imagery viewer:

Finally, some users encountered an issue with the Oriented Imagery Experience Builder widget where a docked widget would toggle scroll bars on and off repeatedly; that bug has been fixed.

What’s next—integrating Oriented Imagery into ArcGIS

A long time in the making, we’re in the process of integrating Oriented Imagery into ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro! I’ll have more details about the specifics of the integration and the expected timeline soon, so be sure to keep an eye out.



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Emily is a product manager for the Imagery team; ask her about tools and best practices for working with imagery and rasters in ArcGIS.

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