Emily Windahl

Emily is a product manager for the Imagery team; ask her about tools and best practices for working with imagery and rasters in ArcGIS.

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Oriented Imagery 2.2 released for ArcGIS Pro and the web

Use Oriented Imagery to manage, explore, and view images that aren’t pointing straight down at the ground, like street-side photos.

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Explore the revamped ArcGIS Imagery Workflows website

The ArcGIS Imagery Workflows website provides a jumping off point for accomplishing common imagery tasks using the ArcGIS platform.

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Check out imagery and remote sensing events at Esri User Conference 2019

Get information about imagery and remote sensing events and sessions at the 2019 Esri User Conference.

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Build custom apps for imagery using configurable app templates

Esri has configurable app templates designed specifically for imagery, so you can create an app quickly, easily, and with zero programming.

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Which is better for deep learning, ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Enterprise?

ArcGIS enables you to run deep learning analytics using ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise.

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OptimizeRasters 2.0 released, available for download

OptimizeRasters 2.0 is a downloadable tool to convert rasters to optimized file formats, move data to cloud storage, and create raster proxies.

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Two New Configurable Apps for Imagery (April 2018)

With Imagery Viewer (beta) and Image Mask (beta), create custom imagery apps to explore, analyze, and share imagery, no programming required.

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Use the Image Interpretation app template to create an imagery app in minutes

With the Image Interpretation app template, now released in beta, you can create an interactive web app that lets people view, understand...

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Get the inside scoop on imagery and lidar events at the 2017 Esri UC

Imagery and lidar are an indispensable part of your GIS. From background imagery to change detection to feature extraction and more, imag...

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