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Esri Reports Now Available for Purchase from the Esri Store

Do you ever wish you could quickly gain access to demographic facts that are available at an affordable price point? Are demographic facts that have been vetted and analyzed for immediate use critical for your work? Can presentation-ready demographic reports drive decisions for your organization, client or audience to help you tell a story, solve a problem or support your findings?

Esri Reports, offered by Esri Demographics, are the solution and are now available from the Esri Store for $50USD/report.

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What is Esri Reports?

Esri Reports are demographic reports that are designed to give you the facts you need in just a few minutes. You can customize a report based on criteria such as a defined radius or drive time, sales territories, trade areas, and more. Esri Reports are built using authoritative data sources and scrutinized for accuracy by a team that includes demographers and data scientists. The reports are updated annually and feature information about locations in the US.

With Esri Reports you can:

There are five report categories that include Demographics and Market Potential. For a full list of categories and sample reports, click here.

How to purchase Esri Reports from the Esri Store

The Esri Store is the easiest way to buy Esri products online. You can safely purchase and download Esri Reports or browse other Esri product offerings that may fit your needs. You can also explore ArcGIS Business Analyst, which includes Esri Reports as part of a subscription package starting at $1100/year.

Here’s how to find Esri Reports in the Esri Store:

Got 5 minutes and $50USD? Esri Demographics can help. Buy your report today from the Esri Store.


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Choni Brooke Brinkley is a Product Manager on the Data & Location Services team at Esri. Choni has a BS from Syracuse University, an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, and is dog mom to Willoughby the Boston Terrier.

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