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What's New in ArcGIS GeoEvent Server at 10.7

As part of the ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 release in March, ArcGIS GeoEvent Server introduced new functionalities and enhancements. Updates include new processors, an improved spatiotemporal big data store experience, and other key features such as embedded help and monitoring control.

What's new in ArcGIS GeoEvent Server at 10.7: Symmetric Difference Creator
What's new in ArcGIS GeoEvent Server at 10.7: Symmetric Difference Creator

Usability and documentation

Hello, embedded help! This 10.7 release features new embedded help that lets users access documentation quickly for all the available connectors and processors directly in GeoEvent Manager. In addition, published feature services from GeoEvent Manager now support hosted views that allow users to apply different editor settings, styles, or filters. Better manage system resources by setting user-defined refresh intervals on the Monitor page of GeoEvent Manager.

Expanded analytical capabilities

New at 10.7 are six out-of-the-box processors to boost real-time analysis.

For example, Feature to Point and Add XYZ Values can be used to track a storm.

What's new in ArcGIS GeoEvent Server at 10.7
Using new processors in ArcGIS GeoEvent Server to track storms

When monitoring a storm as it moves, the storm’s data comes in as polygons, which users may not necessarily want to save in their database solution due to its complexity. As polygons come in, users can pass the polygons to the Feature to Point processor to create the centroid of the polygon and subsequently use the Add XYZ Values to take those coordinates and store them in separate fields.

Spatiotemporal big data store

New at 10.7 is the spatiotemporal big data store experience, which now includes Z-value support for data sources. In addition, users can now export delimited text to an Azure or Amazon cloud store right in GeoEvent Manager. There is also improved messaging when performing cloning, exporting, and importing of data. Learn more in our documentation and product page.

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