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Coronavirus COVID-19 Data Available by County from Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is now providing data in a map layer by county for COVID-19 cases and deaths. See the announcement. This layer is created and maintained by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at the Johns Hopkins University. This feature layer is supported by Esri Living Atlas team and JHU Data Services. See the FAQ or contact Johns Hopkins for more information.

Johns Hopkins University is interested in working with states who are providing county case data as a feature layer, so that JHU can source from the state directly. Contact Johns Hopkins University for more information.

Due to limitations in how the data is collected and reported, this new layer contains only confirmed cases and deaths. Although there are fields for active and recovered, they are not being updated and can be ignored for the US. The “Combined Key” field gives the county name, state and country.



1. Fields for Active Cases and Recovered Cases are set to 0 in all locations. John Hopkins has not found a reliable source for this information at the county level but will continue to look and carry the fields.

2. Fields for Incident Rate and People Tested are placeholders for when this becomes available at the county level.

3. In some situations, cases have not been assigned a location at the county scale. Those are still assigned a state but are listed as unassigned and given a Lat Long of 0,0.

About the author

Jim Herries is a geographer with Esri in Redlands, California. He serves as a principal product engineer on the team responsible for ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. Jim is particularly engaged in thematic mapping and map visualizations, reflecting a drive to help GIS users bring their data to life on the map and stimulate insights. He constantly looks for ways to create clear, focused map information products that incorporate meaningful spatial analysis and evocative visualizations.


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Paul Schrum
Paul Schrum

Is a csv version of the table data available for the public, and if so, where?

Michelle Jennings
Michelle Jennings

Jim, thank you very much!!! This is fantastic!! BRAVO!

Amanda Stanko
Amanda Stanko

So helpful, thank you!

Rianna Aylward
Rianna Aylward

This is huge, thank you!!

Connor Bailey
Connor Bailey

Thank You Esri and Johns Hopkins University! We have it in our Operations Dashboard for Audubon

Asif Iqbal
Asif Iqbal

Hey Jim Herries!

Good work.

can you please inform me that , the data Is it available publicly or not. Kindly inform

Thank you so much for your time

Nikhil Mothukuri
Nikhil Mothukuri

Hello Jim,

Thank you for sharing this. It is really helpful. We are using this map layer using our Power BI ArcGis Plugin.
I just noticed and wanted to bring to your attention that this map layer is showing a red dot on lot of counties even there is no confirmed, death or active cases.

For example if you search for Mason, TX, USA (Mason County) and zoom out from the link below, you will see a red dot for this county even there is no Covid-19 activity.

I think this is what we are using in our Power BI

Thank you,

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