Jim Herries

Jim Herries is an applied geographer with Esri in Redlands, California. Every day, he makes maps and helps others improve their maps by eliminating the noise and increasing the signal. His emphasis is on thematic mapping and map visualizations, no doubt due to a love of numbers, statistics, math in general and spatial analysis in particular. As a geographer and product engineer, Jim creates maps, map layers, apps and story maps for the Living Atlas of the World and ArcGIS Online. He constantly looks for ways to create clear, focused map information products that incorporate meaningful spatial analysis and evocative visualizations. Jim serves as a map curator for the Living Atlas of the World and the Urban Observatory. Both initiatives value visually appealing and useful map information products. As a product engineer, Jim contributes to the research and development work in web map cartography, web maps and applications. He has a longtime interest in modeling interactions and access among people and things around them, e.g. access to healthy food, parks, daycare, and transportation.

Posts by this author
New color ramps in Map Viewer Beta

Color theory, perceptual differences, and cartographic influence behind the new color ramps.

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Better Breaks Define Your Map’s Purpose

The purpose of this blog is to discuss how a typical thematic map of a percentage comes into focus and how you give it purpose.

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Use Arcade Expressions to Map the Land to Improvement Ratios in Your Area

An interesting way to look at a community is to map the value of its parcels, including a measure called the land to improvement ratio.

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Create Great Thumbnails for Your Living Atlas Nominations

Want to create great thumbnails for your ArcGIS Living Atlas contributions? Learn how to correctly size your images using a PC or Mac.

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What’s New in Smart Mapping (March 2016)

With the March 2016 release of ArcGIS Online, anyone can analyze and map multiple columns of related data, in order to determine which ha...

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What’s New in Smart Mapping (November 2015)

The best maps answers specific questions. How are you using ArcGIS Online to ask, and answer, the specific questions that are most releva...

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