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What's new in ArcGIS StoryMaps (March 2024)

ArcGIS StoryMaps is the professional storytelling tool that enables you to transform your geographic work into interactive content to inform and inspire others. It makes it easy to explain complex topics related to your knowledge and experience.

Read on to get all the details about what’s new this month.


Media actions

We’re very excited to release a feature we’ve been thinking about and working on for a while: media actions!

Media actions build on the previous capability called “map actions” that enable you to create a button inside a sidecar immersive block that readers can click to update the map view shown in the media panel. If you’re not familiar with map actions, here’s a video of how they work.



Media actions are an extension of map actions. They enable you to show a completely different piece of media when readers click an action button. For example, if you had three charts showing data for three different years. You could configure media action buttons to show each chart when the reader clicks one of the buttons. (If you’ve used the classic storytelling templates, you may have used a similar feature in Map Journal or Map Series called “story actions.”)

Check out our Quizzed from above story that now has media actions as well as the video below, which shows how to create them.



You can still create a map action by choosing Media action from the block palette and then picking the Edit map view option. However, note that this option will only appear if you’ve already added a map to the media panel.

Media actions and map choreography are two storytelling techniques that work very well together. For more on map choreography, see Choreograph your maps with ArcGIS StoryMaps ( For more information and examples of media actions, see Supercharge your stories with media actions.

One thing to note is that while map actions can still be created as buttons and links, media actions are currently only supported as buttons. We’ll work on bringing link-style media actions to ArcGIS StoryMaps in a future release.


New logo options

A logo is a very important component of a StoryMap. It’s an immediate indication of who the author is or what organization published a particular piece of content. Now, you have some additional options for how and where to display your logo.

Building on the new cover styles added last month, you can now choose to show your logo on the cover of your story. This cover placement is in addition to the logo placement in the story header. In the Design panel, you can independently toggle each of these logo placements on or off as needed.

These new options don’t just apply in stories, but you can also now choose where you want your logo to appear in briefings and collections too! Opt to show the logo in the header, on the cover, in both places, or neither place. You have the flexibility to choose! Here’s a short video showing the new logo options.



And more…

Be sure to review the release notes for more detail about other small changes and fixes released this month.



Thanks to Will Hackney for his contributions to this post.
Banner image: © 2024 Adobe Stock. All rights reserved.

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Owen is the lead product engineer for ArcGIS StoryMaps and has been with Esri since 2004. Before joining the StoryMaps team, he spent 11 years as a solution engineer on Esri's National Government team helping people understand the value and utility of geospatial thinking.

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