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Skill for Good: Matching Storytellers with Cause-Driven Nonprofits

Mission-driven organizations increasingly recognize the need to tell their stories more effectively. They need skilled volunteers to help them do it.

Skill For Good is a pilot program developed by Democracy Labs in collaboration with Esri. This new effort seeks to build a network of volunteers with storytelling and map-making skills, and to match them with nonprofit organizations that need help conveying the nature and importance of their work.

The basic concept is an 'Uber-like' model—using technology to match volunteers with nonprofits, quickly, by focusing narrowly on digital and map-based storytelling. Organizations get help, and volunteers get the joy of applying their story map skills to a worthy cause.

Deepak Puri Founder, Democracy Labs

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About the authors

An anthropologist focused on community engagement, citizen mapping, and applied ethnography, Greyson researches and designs dynamic, multimedia stories for ArcGIS StoryMaps.


Allen founded the story maps team at Esri. Prior to joining Esri in 2010, he worked at National Geographic for 27 years in a variety of positions, including art director of National Geographic Magazine and chief cartographer at National Geographic Maps.


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