Greyson H.

An anthropologist interested in community engagement, citizen mapping, and applied ethnography, Greyson researches and designs dynamic, multimedia stories for Esri Story Maps.

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Exploring the College Scorecard through Story Maps

Studying Up on Higher Education explores the cost and diversity of post-secondary education.

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How to filter images to create a unified visual style

Great storytelling uses consistent visual design. This blog discusses how to create pattern and consistency using image filters.

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Seven Wonders: Story Map Tours demo new side-panel layout

Seven Wonders Map Tours demonstrate new side-panel layout, HTML styling, and consistent graphical themes.

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The Ever-Changing Minimum Wage: Simple Storytelling for a Data-Drive Narrative

At the beginning of this year, 18 states and localities adjusted their minimum wage policies. Here's how we made it into a Story Map.

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End of the Line: How to Use Personal Narratives and Video in Story Maps

A story about commuters using the Washington, D.C. public transit system was a novel direction for Story Maps. Although the Story Maps te...

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