Allen Carroll

Allen founded the story maps team at Esri. Prior to joining Esri in 2010, he worked at National Geographic for 27 years in a variety of positions, including art director of National Geographic Magazine and chief cartographer at National Geographic Maps.

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Celebrating diversity with ‘dots on a map’

The making of—and the significance of—a story map celebrating America's rich cultural heritage

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Telling the story of bird migration

Describing a collaboration with the National Audubon Society about bird migration in the western hemisphere

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Employing, and enjoying, sidecar’s three immersive layouts

Sidecar, one of the immersive blocks in ArcGIS StoryMaps, now features three layouts. Here are some thoughts about how best to utilize them.

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ArcGIS StoryMaps as virtual exhibits

Explore examples of how museums and other public institutions are using ArcGIS StoryMaps to create virtual exhibitions.

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Creating a “little world” in ArcGIS StoryMaps

In remaking a "classic" StoryMap I utilized ArcGIS Online's blend modes to create a cool (cold!) atmosphere.

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The Mapmaker’s Mantra

The Mapmaker's Mantra reminds the mapmaking community of their ethical and moral responsibility to tell the truth with maps.

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Thinking about Storytelling

Practical advice about storytelling in the form of three principles and 11 actions

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Exploring six options for presenting tours in ArcGIS StoryMaps

The guided tour, sidecar, and slideshow immersives in ArcGIS StoryMaps can all be used to present sequential, place-based narratives.

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Making smart type choices for ArcGIS StoryMaps

A guide to making wise font choices for your ArcGIS StoryMaps

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