Revolutionizing Connectivity: How Emerald Broadband Empowers Communities with Esri and 3-GIS

I recently had the opportunity to read an excellent story published by one of our Esri partners, 3-GIS. They posted a fantastic article about the great work they did with Emerald Broadband, a service provider in the pacific northwest.  As someone who spent most of my life in Oregon and loves all things GIS in the telecom industry, I wanted to learn more.

In the heart of Lane County, Oregon, Emerald Broadband is on a mission to bridge the digital divide. As a public benefit internet provider, their commitment to delivering high-speed internet to underserved communities has made them a key player in the region since their establishment in 2016. To fuel their expansion and ensure efficient network management, Emerald turned to 3-GIS as a trusted resource to overcome challenges in data storage and accessibility.

The Challenge:

Emerald Broadband faced a critical challenge in managing their network data. Storing information through KML files proved to be a cumbersome process, lacking essential features like querying, consistent labeling standards, and other capabilities crucial for effective design and management. The absence of a robust, searchable database hindered the organization’s ability to understand their network’s status comprehensively and work cohesively.

The Solution:

Recognizing the need for a powerful network asset management system, Emerald Broadband strategically chose 3-GIS | Web as the solution to revolutionize their network operations. This dynamic platform not only addresses the existing challenges surrounding Emerald’s fiber network, but also serves as a comprehensive system of record and engagement leveraging Esri ArcGIS. By combining best in class network management with web GIS capabilities, everyone throughout the organization gains real-time access and understanding of the current network assets while seamlessly planning and designing future expansions.

An example of finding fiber strand availability in 3-GIS | Web

Empowering Connectivity with 3-GIS | Web:

Emerald Broadband’s selection of 3-GIS | Web has ushered in a new era of efficiency and collaboration. With accurate network data consolidated into a single, searchable system, the organization can now effortlessly document the connectivity of fiber strands. This transformation enables Emerald Broadband to share critical information with stakeholders who may not have a background in mapping, fostering clearer communication and understanding.

An example of checking work order messages left in 3-GIS | Web

Key Benefits:


Emerald Broadband’s strategic collaboration with Esri and 3-GIS has not only addressed their immediate challenges but has set the stage for a transformative journey towards enhanced connectivity. By leveraging the power of 3-GIS | Web, Emerald Broadband is not just providing internet services; they are empowering communities, fostering collaboration, and building a foundation for a digitally inclusive future in Lane County, Oregon. As the partnership between Emerald, Esri, and 3-GIS continues to evolve, the impact on communities and the digital landscape is poised for even greater heights.

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About the author

Randall René is the Industry Solutions Director for Telecommunications at Esri, where he helps communication service providers leverage geographic information system (GIS) technology to transform workflows and improve communication, collaboration, and productivity across the entire telecom project life cycle. Randall is a proud US Army veteran with 25 years of experience in the telecommunications and cable industries working in the field, guiding GIS teams, and supporting infrastructure planning. He is a passionate advocate within the GIS community and committed to helping public and private sector organizations nationwide bridge the digital divide.


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