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Career-ready graduates

Hundreds of thousands of employers value mapping and spatial analysis skills. Learning with GIS gives graduates a competitive edge in many fields.

Take a look at careers in GIS
GIS students do amazing things
Esri Development Center Students of the Year build outstanding apps and projects on the ArcGIS platform at colleges and universities around the world.
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Research insight

ArcGIS supports interactive visualization, spatial analysis, and big data insights to advance knowledge across the spectrum of academic disciplines.

Esri’s scientific partnerships
Identifying emerging hot spots of deforestation
Using Esri’s emerging hot spot analysis and big data analysis techniques, BlueRaster identified persistent, accelerating, and new hot spots of tree-cover loss in Brazil, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
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Sustainable campuses

GIS helps college and university administrators manage assets and work orders more efficiently, reduce the costs of operations, plan smarter, and ensure public safety.

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Smart management of campus operations
The University of Minnesota uses ArcGIS in innovative ways to efficiently manage campus operations while ensuring public safety.
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ArcGIS Platform

Leading colleges and universities use the latest technologies. ArcGIS provides educators, students, and staff with a comprehensive platform for mapping, analyzing, and sharing their data.

ArcGIS Online

Gateway for web mapping

Easy map authoring and sharing

Extensive collection of reusable content

Spatial analysis in the cloud

ArcGIS Pro

The future of desktop GIS

Modern, high-performance technology

Familiar and intuitive user interface

Advanced cartography and analytics

ArcGIS Enterprise

Next generation GIS Server

An enterprise GIS portal

Adding big data and imagery capabilities

Technology graduates need to know

Education Licensing

Low-cost access to ArcGIS

Includes all major platform components

Mobile learning on personal devices

Grow your GIS community, not your costs

Success Story

Scaling Up GIS across Campus

The willingness to experiment with innovative approaches to GIS has yielded benefits for numerous field-based teaching and research activities across the university.

Peter Knoop

Research Computing Consultant, University of Michigan

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Offerings for higher education

250,000 students use ArcGIS every year, guided by educators and researchers at leading universities.

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The GIS education community consists of thousands of educators and researchers at all levels who share a passion for applying The Science of Where in education. With gatherings at worldwide events, we're a globally inclusive group focused on enhancing spatial understanding.
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Esri's education outreach efforts include sharing information and best practices, providing advice, and advocating for educators' needs. Have a question or comment about GIS in education? Schedule a conversation with a member of our team.

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