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Facilities Management

Manage sites, facilities, and assets more effectively with GIS

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Transform facility operations

From complex missions such as improving safety and efficiency to simply locating the right equipment, GIS helps staff optimize the workplace at every level. Facility mapping with real-time facility data has revolutionized how leaders understand and manage workplaces. Using spatial data to map building conditions reveals opportunities for enhancements that deliver excellent working environments. This geographic approach strengthens operations and helps attract and retain employees while boosting productivity.


ArcGIS StoryMaps

Facilities management at Michigan State University

Michigan State University turned to indoor mapping and wayfinding to improve facilities management and the campus experience for all.

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Trending facilities management topics

Innovative leaders in all areas of facilities management can use cutting-edge location technology to work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and deliver better services.

GIS-based real estate portfolio management

With access to thousands of global datasets, investors and property managers can see how real estate investments are performing across town or around the world. Quickly access local data on all your real estate assets, on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Portfolio management

Digital twin

GIS creates digital twins of the natural and built environments. Digital twins are models that abstract our world so that you can make better decisions and improve outcomes.

Digital twin

Reality capture

Turn drone, aerial, and satellite imagery into stunning, geospatially accurate maps and models. Interact with a digital world that shows places and situations as they really are.

Reality capture

Asset tracking and analysis with smart maps

Asset managers must minimize risks and maximize performance. Smart maps and dashboards provide a holistic view of assets so that managers can better manage assets and prevent failure.

Asset tracking and analysis

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