Business Resilience

Enhance continuity and security

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Spatial solutions that improve business resilience

Financial services providers are faced with increasingly complex challenges, from global health crises to economic insecurity and political instability. These costly disruptions destabilize core business functions and threaten the health and well-being of communities. To thrive in this high-stakes environment, businesses must leverage location intelligence to enhance policies and procedures that increase organizational resilience. With powerful tools for spatial analysis and data visualization, Esri's solutions for organizations' resilience empower businesses to proactively mitigate risks.

Capabilities of resilient businesses

Ensure continuity of operations

Financial services providers cannot be resilient if they are continually jumping from one disruption to the next. Long before a crisis emerges, industry-leading businesses visualize, analyze, and measure their exposure to risks in core operations. Using advanced workflows for spatial analysis, these companies are uncovering hidden risks.

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Maximize asset availability amid disruptions

Location intelligence empowers risk professionals with the ability to scale their analysis from macrolevel trends to site-specific risks, enhancing the continuity of assets and facilities.

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Leverage unparalleled insights

As businesses continue to expand in both new and existing markets, they inevitably become exposed to more risks. Leveraging powerful analytical tools and methodologies, elite financial services providers are holistically measuring their cumulative risk at scale and identifying regional trends to manage site-specific risks.

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Reveal hidden risks

Every hazard is uniquely tied to locational conditions, and understanding the relative exposure of assets, facilities, and personnel to specific risks is key to proactively minimizing consequences. Location intelligence empowers risk professionals to triage a wide array of risks and determine the potential impact to an organization before they emerge.

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ExxonMobil creates an operational basemap

The global company—looking to maximize its real estate portfolio—turned a months-long review process into a 30-second analysis with a digital basemap.

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