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Extract meaningful signals from data noise

Financial services providers have an inordinate amount of customer data, from credit card and transaction records to customer profiles and analytics. Despite spending millions each year on data collection and analysis, many companies still find it's virtually impossible to extract insights from this data or even determine which variables are important. Locational intelligence makes it possible to understand the connection of seemingly disconnected variables, revealing valuable patterns that would have otherwise been missed.

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Understand where successes can be replicated

Every company wants to understand which of its customers have the highest potential for business growth and why, but very few understand how to properly replicate their successes. Spatial analysis empowers businesses to identify key attributes of high-potential customers from their existing clientele and uncover new communities with similar prospects.

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Build personas with unparalleled precision

Tailoring products and services to consumer segments requires far more than antiquated demographic workflows. Elite businesses know that to truly serve their clients, they need to understand behavior and community-level influences. Esri's spatial tools empower businesses to create hyperaccurate customer personas based on psychographics.

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Know where and why financial activities occur

Extracting meaningful patterns from customer transaction data has become the next great hurdle for businesses, but solving this challenge can't be done using traditional methods. Spatial analysis unlocks a new dimension to transactions, identifying key variables that provide context to shape products and services at unprecedented scale.

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Advising an industry in transition

A strategic adviser to the banking industry uses location analysis to guide financial institutions to the right customers.

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