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Remove persistent structural barriers and biases

Reliable access to financial institutions is paramount to the prosperity of communities, from empowering individuals to accumulate wealth to accessing capital to fuel entrepreneurialism. For many people living in BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or People of Color) communities, disproportional inaccessibility highlights stark differences. Financial services providers must eliminate long-standing barriers that increase economic inequalities along racial lines. Spatial analysis reveals patterns of inequalities so businesses can drive meaningful change, meeting the needs of underserved communities.

Capabilities for equitable finance

Increase community-level engagement

Every community has been impacted differently by systemic burdens that have inhibited economic growth in BIPOC neighborhoods. By leveraging powerful tools for spatial analytics, financial services providers can identify hyperlocal needs unique to every locale and tailor products and services that will maximize participation and growth.

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Identify areas impacted by racial biases

Structural barriers to financial participation have resulted in discriminatory economic inequalities for many living in BIPOC communities. Location intelligence helps financial services providers identify and analyze areas affected by racial biases to determine the proper ways to increase equitable practices.

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Remove barriers to racial equity

Although discrimination based on race, known as redlining, was formally prohibited in 1968, the effects of these unethical policies are still seen today in BIPOC communities. Location intelligence empowers financial services providers to identify impacted neighborhoods, ensuring equitable access to economic institutions regardless of demographics.

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Measure the success of equity strategies

Esri's solutions for mapping and spatial analysis enable financial institutions to better manage their racial equity initiatives. With near real-time metrics and powerful, interactive dashboards for visualization, these organizations can constantly monitor and share their progress on community investments.

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Advising an industry in transition

A strategic adviser to the banking industry uses location analysis to guide financial institutions to the right customers.

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