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Branch Network Optimization

Enhance operational efficiency

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Understand where and how your customers need you

Mobile devices have led to unprecedented opportunities for financial services providers seeking ways to reach larger audiences. This shift has created new challenges for how to utilize physical networks with an increasingly digital consumer base. Industry-leading banks have unleashed the power of location intelligence to combine physical and digital strategies into a holistic effort. With advanced spatial analytics, these companies have optimized physical locations to service customer needs in the right place and in the right way, reducing ATM operating costs without sacrificing market share.

Capabilities for network optimization

Repurpose branches to better satisfy clients

A growing movement within financial services is adjusting traditional branch models to provide more tailored offerings based on the changing needs of communities. Spatial analysis enables banks to understand the characteristics of their markets and overlay consumer insights to precisely identify the highest and best use of each facility.

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Know how to be everywhere to anyone

Today's increasingly empowered consumers demand instant access to their banks, but it's challenging to be everywhere to everyone. Using location intelligence, elite banks are overlaying human movement data with customer transaction data to accurately forecast the ideal locations for ATMs so they can be in the right place at the right time. 

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Enhance engagement with unified strategies

Financial institutions have historically treated their physical and digital strategies separately, leading to inaccurate analyses and poorer customer experience. Regardless of how consumers access their banks, every interaction has a spatial component, and understanding the nexus between online and in-person activities is key to meeting client needs.

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Economy in focus: A local view on the soft landing

If the Sahm Rule can signal a recession throughout the country, location intelligence can add crucial business context for corporate leaders.

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