Corporate Social Responsibility

Elevate programs and know where investments will make an impact

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Spatial strategies maximize impact investments

Our planet is facing increasingly complex challenges from climatological changes, global health crises, economic inequalities, and political unrest. In times of uncertainty, leading firms are making an impact. They are investing in innovative strategies that increase their corporate social responsibility, from environmental preservation to the prosperity of global economies and local communities alike. For over 50 years, Esri software has helped organizations identify sustainable business practices that positively impact business stability, community development, and the health of the planet.

Capabilities for corporate responsibility

Visualize and understand carbon footprints

Today, our world is threatened by human-led activities that accelerate climate change and the reduction of global biodiversity. Many financial services providers have begun large-scale projects using spatial analyses to accurately measure their carbon footprint, implement strategies to offset emissions, and devest from carbon producers.

map of Europe, Asia, and Africa

Prioritize where resources will be impactful

Innovative companies around the globe are embracing spatial technology to solve some of the most challenging problems. As businesses continue to invest in industries that align to core values, Esri tools enable decision-makers to monitor portfolios to measure the impact of these investments.

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Build a more equitable world for others

Understanding which communities are at risk and where resources are needed most is a tremendous first step to creating a better world. From addressing water and food insecurity to promoting microfinancing activities in at-risk communities, location intelligence empowers businesses to invest their capital where it will have the greatest impact.

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Hold businesses to the highest ethical levels

Financial services providers are mandating greater transparency and accountability from their partners and corporate clients. From increasing regulations on carbon emissions to verifying sustainable practices and human rights standards, Esri tools enable firms to monitor real-time metrics, increase transparency, and devest from offenders.

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Advising an industry in transition

A strategic adviser to the banking industry uses location analysis to guide financial institutions to the right customers.

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