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GIS and official statistics

Geography brings meaning and context to statistics

Statistics is the science that deals with collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data; informing decision-making; and providing answers to the question, "Why?" Governments, business, industry organizations, research and academic institutions, and others seeking to understand our society and the economy use statistics. However, statistics alone are not relevant without being associated with a specific place. Knowing where something is happening is essential to understanding why it's happening. 


Create a stronger foundation for official statistics

ArcGIS can help strengthen statistical systems by integrating location, improving accuracy, and increasing efficiencies and effectiveness. Official statistics agencies can use ArcGIS to:

  • Collect, produce, and manage statistical data
  • Conduct data science leveraging spatial analytics
  • Integrate administrative and big data
  • Leverage GeoAI, Earth Observations data, and IoT
  • Improve efficiencies in planning and operations
  • Deliver timely, accurate data for use in policy and decision-making
Case study: US Census 2020
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Driving innovation

Esri's ArcGIS technology integrates many new innovations in data science, measurement, and computing. ArcGIS allows for the integration of new data sources from drones, satellites, and other sensors and the use of geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI).

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Official Statistics Modernization Program

This program provides resource-constrained countries with the GIS tools and training needed to conduct a successful census.

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Book: GIS and the 2020 Census

GIS and the 2020 Census: Modernizing Official Statistics provides statistical organizations with the most recent GIS methodologies and technological tools to support census workers' needs at all the stages of a census.

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National Statistical Offices program bundles

A new set of discounted software bundles is now available for purchase by National Statistical Offices (NSOs) in eligible countries.

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Learn GIS curriculum for statistics

Hands-on tutorials help official statistics agencies modernize their workflows, covering every stage of the census process.

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Official statistics webinars and events

National statistics organizations need to stay up-to-date with the latest national modernization trends, technology, and information. Attend one of our informative webinars or speak to one of our statistics industry experts at an event.

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Statistics touches many parts of our lives. From policy and decision-making to electoral boundaries, public safety, and sustainability, official statistics and GIS are making our communities smarter.


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