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Infrastructure and Property Management

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Rail agencies have to properly manage land, rights-of-way, and facilities to ensure profitability and safe operations to maintain rail infrastructure. Having a comprehensive understanding of the properties and facilities you own is critical to successful management. It's essential to manage station facilities and extensive properties like a business, ensuring the maximum and best use of space while still providing optimum performance.


Cadastre management

Rail networks extend across vast landholdings, and keeping track of all properties, leases, and conveyances can be intimidating. GIS helps you geographically organize and manage all of your property data, ensuring that you maintain current tax and lease commitments. ArcGIS integrates with lease, document, and financial systems to allow rail property managers to move data from the filing cabinet to the desktop. With ArcGIS, you have the information and analysis to make the most effective and profitable decisions.

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Facility management

Understanding all of your rail properties is a prerequisite for effective management. With ArcGIS, you can visualize and understand all of your stations and other properties, optimize space and facility utilization, and analyze energy consumption by facility and area. Understand and mitigate your risks through a more complete knowledge of all of your facilities.

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Yard management

ArcGIS is a central element of an effective yard management system. Understand and track where your rolling stock is located and know which resources are undergoing maintenance or otherwise unavailable. ArcGIS gives you wide visibility of your assets to help you effectively manage these critical staging areas.

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ProRail improves transportation infrastructure

ProRail's digital twin identifies the minimum amount of track closures needed to conduct maintenance safely to keep its network moving.

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