A map of a coastal region with areas shaded orange and blue and several smaller images of a red car, a freeway interchange, an airport, and two area maps

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Esri's System of Engagement

Location plays a critical role in all transportation activities. A location-based system of engagement founded in GIS technology makes your data easy to understand, analyze, and act on. Thrive with location at the forefront of operations.


Analysis in a system of engagement consists of two tracks. The business track determines which tools and data people need. In the technical track, these tools are translated into apps that form the foundation of the system of engagement design.


Next, a systematic road map outlines app deployment. Each app is rated based on the value of the app and the effort required to deploy it. Prioritizing high-value apps that require a low level of effort puts useful tools into users' hands early in the process.


End users stay involved throughout the deployment process. User representatives are part of the team formed for each app. The team uses an agile, or iterative, approach to deployment.


A series of maps, apps, and analytics support your organization's digital transformation.