Operational Management

Real-time situational awareness

A map with purple highlighted areas showing areas of operation, and a field worker holding a tablet

Streamline resource assessment and site planning

Effectively managing wind and solar operations is critical to ensuring health and safety, profitability, and stakeholder acceptance. Streamline data collection and leverage Internet of things (IoT) sensors and real-time data feeds to track performance in support of critical operation and maintenance workflows. Evaluate situational awareness and key metrics through interactive dashboards and 3D visualizations that bring business intelligence workflows to life. Build positive relationships with stakeholders through intuitive communication tools like ArcGIS StoryMaps and ArcGIS Hub.

Get a better understanding of assets

Asset inspection

Streamline solar panel and wind turbine data collection with flexible mobile applications to support critical operational workflows and create a more resilient system.

A desktop computer displaying a close-up of one part of a solar farm

Real-time asset monitoring

Leverage IoT sensors and real-time data feeds to track the performance of wind, solar, and geothermal assets. Mitigate downtime, enhance situational awareness, conduct preventative maintenance, and improve operational efficiency.

A desktop computer displaying a real-time weather monitoring dashboard

Situational awareness

Gain greater situational awareness and context of your renewable energy assets, people, and resources by integrating imagery, 3D visualization, and advanced analytics tools to enable information-driven decision-making. Assess everything from water depth and road networks to return on investments (ROI) in your renewable energy portfolio.

A desktop computer displaying a real-time world turbine monitoring dashboard

Stakeholder engagement

Build positive relationships with landowners, businesses, and the community through transparency and awareness. Effectively model and share all aspects of your wind, solar, and geothermal projects with stakeholders to create a more resilient system. 

A desktop computer displaying a public engagement story map about a wind farm company targeting West Texas as the next project region


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