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A map showing the contours of the height and shape of mountains, and a drone hovering over a solar panel

Digital trends are transforming the way we live, work, and interact. Renewable energy leaders are deploying new and innovative sustainability technologies that drive cost efficiencies, enable safer operations, and provide greater revenue opportunities. Unencumbered by legacy practices, renewable energy technology helps leaders create a future from scratch, with efficiency and sustainability as the goal.

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Digital transformation

Location data—the where factor—is especially valuable for renewable energy companies today. From planning and design to construction and operations, geography matters. Taking a digital approach from the start enables faster project startup and analysis, improves visualization, and enhances information sharing for improved business outcomes.

A desktop computer displaying a map in ArcGIS software with added blue lines indicating digital placements of solar panels

Intelligent operations

Costs, safety, and operational efficiency rely on a holistic digital approach. Creating a digital twin of your renewable energy facility—complete with imagery, real-time data feeds, and field staff mobility—creates significantly enhanced operational responsiveness allowing for renewable energy innovation with the aid of dynamic dashboard. 

A digital representation of solar panel connection to the grid on the left and on the right actual solar panels


A mixture of rich and real-time imagery enhances the quality of a digital twin, providing geographic context for a project and improving modeling and visualization capabilities. Drone imagery is useful in providing project status, asset inspection, and operational oversight and is incredibly valuable as a shared resource. 

Two field workers wearing vests and hard hats working on launching a drone off the ground


Bring efficiency to the field with mobile apps that harness renewable energy technology and can be configured to meet the needs of specific workflows. Securely collect detailed asset information at the source using form fills, markups, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data to create a foundation for operational awareness that can be shared with others.

A tablet displaying a field map with bright blue areas indicating water

Real-time data

Unite IoT feeds with physical operations to generate a digital twin of your renewable facilities, ensuring safe and efficient operations that reduce downtime and maximize operational revenues. Ingest data from connected dynamic devices by configuring a feed that can be used as a live map layer, providing 24/7 visibility on all your assets.

A desktop computer displaying a real-time wind turbine monitoring dashboard


How and why utilities are shifting to renewables

Utilities shift to a more customer centric model built on rich data about where demand is and where it will be in the future.

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