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Policy and Compliance

Planning with policy in mind

An animated grid map of the coast of Rhode Island with areas of the water marked in different colors, and a field worker sitting in a safety harness on a large metal barrel

Discover how new renewable energy policies and regulations affect a company's strategic planning initiatives. To plan new solar and wind energy projects and operate them effectively, in a rapidly evolving legislative framework, requires a clear geographic approach to regulatory compliance, corporate integrity, and stakeholder accessibility. 

Support a sustainable energy future with GIS

Health and safety

The preferred approach to operational health and safety executive (HSE) management in renewable energy projects is through planning and prevention. Maps and spatial analysis can reveal vulnerabilities so that leaders can proactively implement policies and procedures to address these risks.

Two fieldworkers in vests and hard hats standing in front of a large solar panel and one of the workers is pointing

Environmental impact

Protecting and enhancing the environment is instinctive for renewable energy companies. Taking a geographic approach to model the environmental impacts of operations provides the ability to analyze, visualize, and share concerns appropriately with stakeholders while providing clean energy and contributing positively toward a decarbonized economy. 

Wind turbines in a green field on the edge of a forest


Sustainability in this context is focused on climate adaption, CO2 emissions reduction, and net-zero goals. Striving for better outcomes starts with measurement and understanding to help set policies and achievable targets, driving emissions out of the equation for a cleaner and more efficient future.

A solar farm at sunset

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Renewable energy companies need to strategically integrate their operational efficiency, climate, and health and safety executive (HSE) goals within a broader framework of CSR policies, such as code of conduct, community engagement, and the path to a carbon-free future through programs such as the Paris Pledge for Action and the United Nations Caring for Climate.

A fieldworker checking a solar panel install with his hand


New funding impacts environmental professionals

Funding will require people to make decisions—in the form of permits—about its social and environment impacts.

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