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Who Are They?

Dutch Kadaster is the national land registry and mapping agency for the Netherlands. The organization surveys, registers, and consolidates land as well as provides mapping and information services for the country.

What Did They Do?

Dutch Kadaster staff members have transformed their mapping process by implementing the ArcGIS® platform to create standard topographic maps for the country. The highly skilled Kadaster GEO-information development team adopted new innovation concepts in close cooperation with their users. ArcGIS was configured to completely automate map production out of the box by creating sophisticated models that reflected the cartographers’ vision, with no customization. Using ArcGIS, including tools for automatic generalization, Dutch Kadaster realized a 5,000 percent savings in the time required by traditional cartographic methods for map production.

Do I Need This?

 The ArcGIS platform can transform the map generation process to dramatically reduce the time required to produce maps. The ability to apply technology in such an efficient manner provides great cartographic results.    

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