Increase facility ROI.

Esri gives you insight into your facilities to minimize risk and maximize return on investment. Drive efficiencies by using live maps to deliver real-time operational awareness of facility space, asset inventories, and building conditions. With Esri technology, you can easily visualize facility status information and identify poor productivity patterns. Intelligent maps help you manage daily operations including scheduling repairs and maintenance, planning expansions, and monitoring performance. GIS keeps you on top of daily operations.



Develop maintenance workflows and plans. Facilitate data sharing and response time to ensure optimal performance.


Assess security risks and continuity of operations scenarios. Develop security plans to protect staff and assets.


Spot and track time-related trends and patterns. Visualize patterns in movement. Keep tabs on inventory.


ArcGIS for Desktop

Use ArcGIS for Desktop to prepare content and share it on the platform. Bring together real property, building, and asset data with other enterprise business systems. Combine GIS with digital design data formats such as CAD, BIM, and lidar. Quickly analyze data at any scale or level of detail.

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ArcGIS Data Interoperability

Use state-of-the-art direct data access and data translation tools. ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension for ArcGIS for Desktop allows you to build complex spatial extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) tools. These tools improve for data validation, migration, and distribution. They also support data conversion for both 2D and 3D digital design files.

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ArcGIS Geoevent Extension for Server

An ArcGIS for Server extension, ArcGIS GeoEvent lets you monitor assets in real time. Use real-time data and location analytics to improve facilities situational awareness, manage critical infrastructure, and improve maintenance response times.

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