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Planning professionals across a wide range of industries must frequently weigh different variables against multiple scenarios to make a decision or recommend a course of action. Esri supports the design workflow by enabling users across organizations and communities to collaborate on design decisions. Create scenarios, assess site conditions, evaluate and compare alternatives quickly get proposed solutions back to the board.



Plan campus expansions, model changes, and share ideas. Successfully present knowledge-based proposals and demonstrate the potential of facility designs.


Explore design impacts. Compare historical property management data with location and current operational planning information.


Breakdown barriers between workflows, departments, and disciplines. Web maps helps you present space-use and resource allocation ideas faster and simpler.


ArcGIS for Desktop

Access multiple data sources to manage and analyze property and facilities locations. Use ArcGIS for Desktop to map design data such as CAD and BIM. Connect enterprise business systems with geography. Know when to take action by key portfolio performance indicators at every scale of detail.

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ArcGIS Pro

Buildings are three dimensional. Use ArcGIS Pro to design scenarios in 2D and 3D mapping environments. Engage stakeholders using multidimensional design representations. Compare different building plans side by side to make the best decision.

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ArcGIS Online

Share ideas. Use the data rich ArcGIS Online platform to create and share map-based information. Collaborate with design, planning, and contractor teams from any device, anytime, anywhere. You can effectively convey your concepts with story maps that you create using ready-to-go templates.

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