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Winter 2000/2001 Contents--Below are selected articles appearing in our Winter 2000/2001 issue.

Cover Stories    
Winter 2000/2001 ArcNews issue cover page

GIS Day 2000 Gains Momentum

ArcGIS 8.1 Nears Release

GIS Extended to the Wireless & Internet World

School Bus Routing Goes High-Tech

The Geography Network Brings Together Users and Data

Join the Geography Network Challenge

Pennsylvania Combats West Nile Virus with ArcPad, Internet

Software News

A New World for ArcView Users

Ongoing Support for ArcView 3.x

ArcLogistics Route 2 Now Shipping

GIS in Action

Building National GIS Infrastructures Using the Geography Network

Korea National GIS Initiative

Mountain Gorilla Preservation Helps Rebuild Rwanda

Sharing the Knowledge

GIS Assists Site Location in the E-commerce Age

GIS in Action (cont.)

Mapping CBS's New Crime Drama--"The District"

Los Angeles City Departments Share Data for Special Applications

From the Baltic Sea to the Twin Cities, Internet Mapping Serves the World

GIS Researchers Take a Close Look at a Pennsylvania Farm

GIS Trends "Down Under"

GIS Strikes Gold at Summer Olympics

Wellington City Council's GIS—Now and in the Future


GIS Community News

GIS Education Center and International Master's Degree Program at the University of Redlands

Esri Press Announces New ArcGIS Workbook

San Diego Hosts the 21st Esri International User Conference

East and West Mingle at EMEA User Conference

Employee Training Gets Boost from Esri Virtual Campus

Esri Business Partners Shine in Public Safety

GIS.com Opens Portal to Thousands Each Day

A New Training Tool Makes It Easy to Choose the Right Courses

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