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July - September 2005
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  Focus Departments
Mapping Better Business Strategies
Integrating GIS and Business Intelligence
The Fifth Dimension of GIS
Spatially Enabled Business and Analytic Intelligence
GIS and Beyond
Integration with SAP Improves Business Processes

Special Section

   The United States National Grid
Introducing the United States National Grid
Proposed as common coordinate system for homeland security activities
Rescue Beyond the Rocks
[PDF-1.8 MB]
Exercise provides a greater understanding of USNG data.
-Get data for exercise [ZIP-2.5 MB]

Developing a Plan for a Successful GIS
A practical approach to GIS planning.

   Developer's Corner
A Web Services Solution for Work Management Operations
Web services help with wastewater utilities operations.

   End Notes
Where Is the Trash?
Automated dumpster inventory yields many benefits.
ArcMap Editing Tips and Tricks
[PDF-848 KB]
Take 11 challenges for more productive editing.
Labeling Features
[PDF-308 KB]
Using Attributes from an External Database
Managing Rasters in a Personal Geodatabase
[PDF-464 KB]
ArcGIS 9 has new, powerful tools for managing raster data.
Need to Clip an Image?
[PDF-396 KB]
Interactive options for quickly clipping rasters.
Get the Most Out of ArcGIS Help
New online version offers task-oriented approach.
Working with Features Faster in ArcGIS 9.1
New tools aid productivity

GIS Identifies Pollution Sources
Also Aids Watershed Remediation
Bringing GIS Modeling to the New ArcGIS Generation
Moving from AMLs to ModelBuilder.
Health Management Organizations Divvy Up Territories
Modeling health care markets in New York

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