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October - December 2002
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  Focus Departments
The Second Revolution
Spatial data is the key to any petroleum venture.
USGS National Oil and Gas Assessment Online
ArcIMS interactive map, downloadable GIS files, and detailed reports available.
Managing Enterprise Land Assets Using GIS
GIS application manages and maps spatial and text data for energy company.

Special Section

   2002 Esri International User

Sharing and Building Relationships
Highlights of the 22nd Annual Esri International User Conference.
Mapping a Better Future for Elephants
Cynthia Moss and Dr. Harvey Croze gave keynote address.
Outstanding MyCOE Projects Honored
Winners of worldwide project announced.

   End Notes

GIS to the Rescue
Application aids sea rescues.
Exploring Hospital Distribution Using ArcGIS [PDF-1.7 MB]
Tutorial teaches spatial analysis techniques.
- Get sample data [ZIP-16 MB]
Understanding Dynamic Segmentation [PDF-1.2 MB]
Working with events in ArcGIS 8.2.
- Tutorial on dynamic segmentation [PDF-336 KB]
- Get data for tutorial [ZIP-516 KB]

Deriving Volumes with ArcGIS Spatial Analyst [PDF-4.1 MB]
Calculating silt deposits in a lake bed.
- Get data for tutorial [ZIP-704 KB]

Adding Fields to a Shapefile Attribute Table in ArcGIS
Add a field to a new shapefile or an existing table. [PDF-680 KB]
Quickly Customize Toolbars and Buttons
Make your own toolbars, buttons, and icons. [PDF-576 KB]

   Developer's Corner

Controlling Multiple Database Behavior
For ArcSDE 8.2 geodatabases using Microsoft SQL Server. [PDF-4.3 MB]
Program ArcGIS Without Writing a Line of Code!
Use the code samples that come with ArcGIS. [PDF-3 MB]

Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Language
GIS helps researchers evaluate influences in Argentina.
A New Generation of Flood Management
FEMA responds more quickly with ArcIMS application.
Data Sharing With ArcIMS Metadata Services
Kentucky's Geography Network makes a wealth of data available.
Weather-Enabled GIS Enhances Public Safety
System handles threats from severe weather, bioterrorist threats, and chemical hazards.
Sharing Interactive Maps
Using ArcIMS ArcMap Server and ArcGIS Publisher.

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