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This Add-In (part of the Centerline Unification suite) modifies the shape (polyline) of one feature (i.e., the retrace) by replacing all or part of it with a portion of another feature's (i.e., the dominant) shape. The replacement geometry will be the portion of the source features shape between the pair of demarcation points. The demarcation points must be in pairs and have attributes identifying the dominant and retrace features. These type of "align" demarcation points are most easily created using the 'Point and Align' construction tool – also from Works Consulting. This tool is instrumental in the process of unifying multiple source centerlines into a composite overlapping network that represents all GIS sources of an area. Normally, a state or provincial government will combine both wider area and local centerlines to the same all-encompassing route and centerline network, but have/want the state's centerline be dominant where it exists (presuming that the wider area state government does NOT have minor roads in their maintained centerline file) – and therefore the local agency centerlines will be retraced to follow the geometry of the dominant centerline. See also: Point and Align, Point and Reach, Insert Vertices for the full suite of Centerline Unification tools.


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