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Add-in provides functionality that allows users to correct "supposed" end-to-end vector data. Example data would be GPS-collected segment data that has start and stop locations – and the "to" end of one vector is supposed to be contiguous to the "from" end of the next vector. The tool converts tabular or vector data to vectors, generates attributes that suggest the "quality" of contiguity, and then allows the user to improve on that quality be eliminating gaps/overlaps, or just tagging the gaps and overlaps. Vectors are reverse geocoded to a route system as each flagged record is corrected/improved. Perfect for data collected by rolling profilometers typically used for roadway pavement assessments. Unique in that it visualizes the data as 2-vertex chords instead of conforming the data to render along/atop the LRS centerline. Recalculates the traveled distance by change in measure. When multiple lanes of data are collected, the true location of each parallel vector becomes an important visualization benefit.


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