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This add-in (part of the Centerline Unification suite) negotiates and applies the match points that come from adjacent agency centerline files to go through the same X/Y "match" point. The add-in splits or adds vertices to a polyline feature when the line feature is within the specified buffer distance of an input "reach demark" point feature, and none of the polyline's existing vertices are within this distance. Optionally moves any polyline vertex nearest an input "reach demark" point to the demark point's location and deletes all other polyline vertices located within the specified buffer distance of the input point. This tool is instrumental in the process of unifying multiple source centerlines into a composite larger network that represents all GIS sources of an area. Normally, a federal, state, or provincial government will combine adjacent agency centerlines to the same all-encompassing route and centerline network. See also: Point and Reach, Point and Align, Align by Demarks, for the full suite of Centerline Unification tools.


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