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This add-in provides the user with the massive ability to reconcile the stored measures (or solve for up-to-date measures) of any event feature(s) against the LRS routes using the referent layer representation of the current routes. (The referent layer representation of the current routes is equivalent to the Intersection Table generated by Esri Roads and Highways.) We've historically called this tool the 'LRS Geocoder'. Geocoding is the act of resolving a description to a position. 'LRS' as an adjective means that the linear record is described with from-description and a to-description that resolve to from- and to-measures. The 'M-Reconciler' naming is now used to depict that the descriptive attributes are reconciled against the latest measures on the route. The event behaviors that are still characteristic of Esri Roads and Highways can be understood by the end-user because LrsTools has keeps the functionality of the measure reconciliation visible. Instead of managing measure updates – brought on by route adjustments and changes – at the time of the route save, the LrsTools approach informs the end user how a measure behavior response by an event is related to the change invoked by the route and its changed measures and geometry. Alternatively, records can also be LRS conflated to newer attributes (i.e. a newer GIS line set) if enough X,Y information is already provided. An entire store of data can be processed with different levels of user interaction to achieve an efficient update capability for larger organizations.


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