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This add-in for ArcGIS Pro is the long-awaited replacement to the LRS Attribute Editor (of ArcMap fame). The dialog provides extensive functionality in the adjustment of LRS point and linear events while furnishing the editing environment with the "hopper" list of selected records. The tools allow for the same convenient event adjustments as with the core Roads and Highways widgets currently available in the browser-based Event Editor from Esri AND in the ArcGIS Pro widgets provided through Esri's Experience Builder. However, the LRS Event Editor from Works Consulting mimics the former legacy ArcMap and Arc/Info Workstation editing environments that recognized contiguity between records and provided a filtering capability to enhance the user experience regarding the most properly efficient edits to make. Changes can be cascaded through multiple selected records, and the tracking and commenting of edits is built in – just like the ArcMap tools that became the basis for the Roads and Highways roadway characteristics editor back in 2013. The Event Editor also incorporates geocoding and reverse geocoding into the user interface so that records that receive LRS adjustments will automatically update according to the attribute rules that keep the "friendly descriptive" fields updated. The LRS Event Editor is a preferred choice to the Roads and Highways Event Editor and continued support and customization provided by Works Consulting will keep this LRS event editing tool at the forefront of the options available to LRS users, whether they employ Esri Roads and Highways – or not.


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