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Modernize your approach to health and human services. With Esri maps, you can visualize vulnerable populations, identify community resources, enable disease surveillance and connect community stakeholders. The result? A healthier community. Map your way to better health with Esri.

"GIS enables us to associate location with both our members and our care delivery system. By doing that, we're able to bring into the analysis all sorts of information, also indexed or organized by location. That includes all the demographic and socioeconomic information.... that has enabled us to understand not just our members... but also the communities in which they live and work."

Michael Johnson, Director, Utility for Care and Data Analysis, Kaiser Permanente



Bring Your Community Health Needs Assessment to Life

A Community Health Needs Assessment should not simply fulfill a legal requirement; it should be actionable. Find out how taking the data that has a geographic component and putting it in the GIS will give you a new perspective.
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New Mexico Connects Departments with Their Communties

New Mexico created a central, collaborative data service that not only provides data in a geospatial format through ArcGIS Online, but teaches users how to explore and interpret the data.
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Impacting Homelessness

Transform field data into actionable intelligence. Learn how to use a modern solution to capture data, conduct analytics, communicate with one open system, achieve operational awareness, and engage with your community. Read more

GIS Maps Hospital Efforts

This article by HealthcareDive discusses how GIS is being used in the healthcare space to help create healthier populations. Read more

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