Esri Professional Services

Esri Professional Services

Quality Management

The Esri SeaPort-e team is committed to developing and communicating a quality management system (QMS) that will permit it to meet the needs and expectations of customers. Below is a brief outline of some of the steps being taken to ensure the continued offering of quality products and services.

Quality Up Front

Essentially, the farther from its origin a detected defect is, the more it will cost to fix. This is a primary reason why Esri stresses early involvement in detailed requirements gathering and design sessions in all projects. In fact, its iterative approach to requirements gathering, prototyping, and design supports the notion that up-front detection of design defects will ultimately result in a faster deployment and a better, less expensive solution in the end.

Establishing a QMS

Esri's QMS begins with its corporate philosophy. Esri's corporate mission is "to deliver superior-quality services and products for GIS and related applications, utilizing the latest technologies to assure each customer the greatest possible value."

The Esri SeaPort-e team will utilize a formalized QMS through a documented set of methodologies and standard procedures. Esri has accomplished this based on project experiences and as a result of requests from customers to provide guidelines for maintaining quality. Additionally, the Esri Database Services Department, with locations in Redlands, California, and Vienna, Virginia, has achieved ISO 9001 certification. The 2008 audits found zero nonconformances.

Most of Esri's standard practices address the specific phases of project planning, requirements gathering, system analysis and design, data modeling, data translation, and application development.

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