Mike Cox

Mike Cox is Director of Fire & EMS Solutions at Esri where he advocates for fire and EMS agencies to leverage geospatial information and technology to achieve their response and recovery goals. As a member of the Public Safety Industry Marketing team, he works collaboratively with GIS professionals to promote the broad use of Esri’s ArcGIS platform within fire and EMS. Mike recently retired from the Henrico County, Virginia Fire Department after 27 years of service. He served as the Deputy Chief with responsibilities including operations, emergency management, planning, accreditation, budget, and human resources. He was also a member of the Central Virginia All Hazard Incident Management Team, was the technical rescue team leader, and served as a haz mat specialist on the Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s regional hazardous materials team.

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Fire Safety Benefits from Digital Transformation—Missouri

The Missouri Division of Fire Safety built surveys with GIS technology to gain visibility into its fire inspection processes.

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#FireMappers Volunteers Keep Tabs on Quickly Spreading Wildfires

#FireMappers volunteers fill in data gaps about new fires and changing fire perimeters.

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COVID-19: Firefighters Turn to Apps, Maps and Dashboards to Communicate and Act

International Association of Fire Chiefs used location-based tools to compile and present details about the impacts of COVID-19 on its members.

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Northwest Fire District Embraces Apps to Better Prepare for Emergencies

Northwest Fire District has embraced mobile apps to improve workflows beyond past paper-based practices.

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Augmented Reality Aids Nighttime Swiftwater Rescue

The City of Johns Creek created an innovative augmented reality application to assist the fire department’s river safety and rescue missions.

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Real-time Dashboard Keeps Pasadena Rose Parade on Track

A real time understanding of weather helped the Pasadena Fire Department manage public safety at the 2019 Rose Parade.

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