Video: At NBCUniversal, GIS Powers Large-scale Facilities Management

By Katie Olson

Each year, nearly 10 million people visit Universal Studios Hollywood, a theme park on NBCUniversal’s 400-acre campus in Los Angeles. The area also includes film production facilities, offices, retail locations, and other attractions. The media company uses geographic information system (GIS) technology to efficiently manage assets, track maintenance, and plan for future improvements.

Dozens of trams carry tens of thousands of visitors each day, wearing on the park’s infrastructure. The theme park also boasts a robust utility network that supplies cold water, compressed air, gas, and electricity to attractions and buildings. With sustainability in mind, NBCUniversal is working to electrify trams, expand its recycled water plant, and use 3D visualizations to efficiently construct attractions. GIS-powered dashboards aggregate data and display metrics that track road repairs, service lines, and ongoing projects, allowing for visibility across departments.

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