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WhereNext Confidential: Pressing Questions, Insider Answers

By Chris Chiappinelli

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In business as in life, good answers aren’t actually scarce—they’re just not always there when you need them.

WhereNext Confidential aims to change that. At the heart of this new series are the real-world questions and lessons of an emerging business era—one driven by new forms of data and long-standing concerns. The common thread is location intelligence—a form of business insight produced by geographic information system (GIS) technology that guides everything from boardroom decisions to net-zero plans, corporate security to real estate acquisitions.

We’ll cover topics from how to grow a business to how to jump-start a career, through questions like these:

  • As an executive, I want our GIS team to understand that the ultimate goal of a technology implementation isn’t to make sure every user has a license or that all the APIs work well. It’s to improve the business—to make our operations more efficient and our investments more productive. How do we help the team think in those terms?
  • I was drawn to GIS software in college because it was pivotal in conservation work—like tracking endangered species and preserving biodiversity. When I graduated, most of the GIS jobs were in the business world, and now that I’m analyzing supply chains and distribution networks, I feel like I’ve lost touch with some of the things that I first loved about this technology. Any advice on combining two interests (business and sustainability)?
  • How can I inspire the data scientists and analysts in my company to contribute more to our strategy and growth?

WhereNext Confidential answers will come straight from industry insiders: location analysts, technology decision-makers, business executives, data scientists, GIS managers, and others. Some articles will feature insight from a single expert; others will include multiple points of view. To encourage honest questions and unvarnished answers, all contributions will remain anonymous.

If you have a question you believe other analysts or executives might like to hear, email WhereNext editor Chris Chiappinelli at

The first WhereNext Confidential installment will appear next week. To access the full series, click the tag WhereNext Confidential at the bottom of each article.

We hope you enjoy the exchange.

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